Beginning in 2001, the Behestan Group offered a wide range of services to our partners and customers. As our customers' needs expanded and our capabilities grew, it became apparent that a complete supply chain management solution was the next evolution. As a result, we proudly offer both our customers and our partners a complete yet integrated supply chain network.

This network allows us to quickly and easily connect diverse services together and offer solutions matching our customer's requirements. The ultimate goal is to serve the patients, pharmacists, health professionals, health authorities, and decision makers with the highest standards.

  1. Behestan DarouBehestan Darou: Registration, importation and marketing of finished pharmaceutical products
  2. Behestan PakhshBehestan Pakhsh: Distribution of pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and OTC products
  3. Behestan BehdashtBehestan Behdasht: Registration, importation and marketing of consumer healthcare and OTC products
  4. Behestan Tolid: Manufacturer of under license pharmaceutical products (For our multinational partners)
  5. Behestan AraBehestan Ara: Importation of cosmetic products
  6. Behestan DarmanBehestan Darman: Importation and technical support of medical devices
  7. Aryan PlasmaAryan Plasma: Plasma collection and plasmapheresis center
  8. Darou PlasmaDarou Plasma Iranian: Plasma collection and plasmapheresis center
  9. Valean DarouValean Darou: Registration, importation and marketing of pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare products

Having this diverse specialization enables our partners maximum market share and our customers with the most competitive prices.